The Try Guys cut ties with Ned Fulmer after Redditors uncover cheating scandal

Ned Fulmer, far left, was a noted wife guy. | Photo by Emma McIntyre / Getty Images for Global Citizen VAX LIVE

The Try Guys built a loyal following by pulling stunts on the internet, like baking pies without knowing what they were doing or using devices that simulate the pain of going into labor. But over the last few days, fan pages have been buzzing with rumors that one of the guys was also trying infidelity.

Fans on the Try Guys subreddit began to notice that Ned Fulmer, one of four members of the YouTube group, was missing from recent videos and other content. Speculation swirled, and fans exchanged theories of what was happening, including that Fulmer was being hastily edited out of content. The rumors hit a boiling point and spilled onto other social media platforms when one user shared screenshots allegedly showing Fulmer kissing and…

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