Saudi Arabia’s new mirrored city looks like a huge dystopian wall in the desert

The structure is supposed to be 500 meters tall — 50 meters higher than the Empire State Building. | Image: Neom

Often, on the internet, completely deranged CGI infrastructure concepts cooked up by bored design students go mildly viral, like those public transit “discs” that ride above traffic on stilts or that idea for a nuclear-powered “flying hotel.” Very rarely these half-baked renders are backed by one of the wealthiest sovereign wealth funds in the world. Such is the case with Saudi Arabia’s plan to build what looks like a huge mirrored wall in the desert.

If you’ve not been following this saga, let me get you up to speed. Saudi Arabia has a lot of money, and Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), has a lot of ambition. In order to leave his mark on the world, MBS plans to develop a huge city in the desert named Neom, which…

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