Quick fixes: use dictation when you can’t spell a word

Your phone has a way to turn your voice into text.


Sometimes a word can be so hard to spell that any attempts are too garbled for autocorrect to offer helpful suggestions.

Quick fix

Use your device’s built-in dictation.

The Full Story

Whenever I find myself struggling to spell a word, I double-tap the Command key on my Mac to activate dictation mode. From there, I can say the word out loud, and most of the time, the word I’m looking for will appear on my screen. I can then double-tap Command again to tell my computer to stop listening.

Being a terrible speller, I do this trick at least once a week, and it’s the only reason I’m able to spell the word “guarantee” because my brain just cannot retain it.

Most devices have a built-in way of doing voice-to-text, but there’s often a tiny…

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