Logitech’s new ‘gender-inclusive’ PC gaming accessories come with the pink tax

The keyboard, headset, and mouse (complete with color add-ons for each) cost a cool $639.97. | Image: Logitech

Logitech has announced a lineup of PC gaming accessories that are designed to be more gender-inclusive — and specifically geared toward women — than any of its previous releases. Companies shouldn’t be trying to market consumer technology by gender in 2022 and should instead recognize the wide variety of tastes and physical needs consumers have. But Logitech’s gone and done it anyway.

And the gadgets in the Aurora collection do seem cool, and notably, they’re new — not just new colorways of existing products. But aside from a few interesting features across the entirety of the Aurora collection, it still feels like a case of the pink tax at work.

With its latest collection of gaming accessories (and the many pricey add-ons you can…

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