How to check a Chromebook’s specs, CPU usage, and more

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If you’re not a frequent ChromeOS user, determining an in-hand Chromebook’s specs can be tricky. Many Chromebook users are satisfied just using the machines to surf the web and, thus, don’t often have a need to check on things like processor model or memory usage. As a result, this information can seem a bit buried.

But sometimes you want to know how much RAM a Chromebook is using, what CPU it has and whether it’s maxing its cores, or how much storage remains. Whether you’re troubleshooting a slower Chromebook, teaching someone about their ChromeOS device, wondering if a Chromebook could support Steam, or just want to get to know a Chromebook better, here are the simplest ways to look at the basic hardware specs of a Chromebook.

How to check Chromebook CPU usage

If a Chromebook is running slowly, it could be helpful to check CPU usage to see how hard the processor is working and which apps it’s using that are the most taxing.

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