Velveeta Debuts Mac and Cheese-Inspired Martini Called the “Veltini”

Velveeta Debuts Mac and Cheese-Inspired Martini Called the “Veltini”

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t love a warm bowl of mac and cheese. Savory and comforting, it’s the perfect meal for a night in. Now, cheese-lovers will have a new way to enjoy this staple, in a newly released mac and cheese-inspired cocktail dubbed the “Veltini.”

This new alcoholic drink is a collaboration between the brand Velveeta—known for their mac and cheese meals—and BLT Steak restaurants. Each cocktail is prepared with Velveeta cheese-infused vodka, olive brine, and dry vermouth, and topped with a garnish of jumbo-size Velveeta cheese shells, Velveeta-stuffed olives, and a drizzle of cheese sauce. Altogether, these ingredients are intended to mimic the experiences of drinking a martini and eating a cheesy pasta dish at the same time.

You can try the Veltini for $15 at the BLT Steak restaurant in downtown Washington, D.C., as well as in a couple of other select BLT locations during their 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. “golden hour.” Or, for those that prefer to make their own cocktails, there’s a Veltini delivery kit that comes with two martini glasses, a gold cocktail shaker, and all of the necessary ingredients to create the cheesy drink. It can be purchased through Goldbelly while supplies last.

Velveeta cheese has crafted a mac and cheese martini called Veltini, which is available through BLT Steak restaurant locations.

h/t: [Washingtonian]

All images via Velveeta and BLT Steak.

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READ: Velveeta Debuts Mac and Cheese-Inspired Martini Called the “Veltini”

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