The Apple Watch ‘Pro’ will need a tough design, multi-day battery to stand out

New running features won’t matter without multi-day battery.

At this point, a rugged Apple Watch “Pro” has been all but officially confirmed. Not only did we start hearing whispers of this device over a year ago but also the rumor mill has been amping up as of late with new details about potential specs and features. The latest is that the Pro could offer multi-day battery life on a single charge as well as feature the Apple Watch’s first serious redesign… ever. And, if Apple truly wants to compete with the likes of Garmin and Polar, it will need both.

The latest news comes courtesy of Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his most recent Power On newsletter. In it, Gurman contends the Pro model will be a “good bit bigger than the standard Apple Watch” — to the point where it might only appeal to a “subset…

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