President Joe Biden’s Zoom setup starts with a $7,000 rollable touchscreen

Now that’s what I call a Zoom room. | Image: @POTUS/Twitter

President Joe Biden tweeted his Zoom rig on Friday, and it looked so good I suddenly needed to know everything about it. The tweet wasn’t about his video gear, of course; it was to pat himself on the back for falling gas prices. But I don’t want to talk about that. I also don’t want to talk about the chart next to the screen, which was obviously placed there just for this photo and is deeply hilarious. I want to talk about the big easel-looking Zoom rig in front of Biden, as he sits at a desk at the White House residence.

It makes sense that politicians would have the best video chat gear, right? Nobody has more to gain from looking good on video, and nobody has more to lose from a dropped call, low-res cameras, or that thing where you…

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