Lego’s new Minifigure Factory lets you create a $12 minifig of yourself

You too can make a Verge-themed Lego minifigure. | Screenshot by Emma Roth / The Verge

Lego is testing a new online Minifigure maker, the Minifigure Factory, that lets you create a Lego person of your very own (via Jay’s Brick Blog, which I promise has no relation to me).

In the tool, you’ll be able to select different heads, headwear, torsos, legs, and accessories for your custom Minifig. For the torso, you can go really deep on customization by applying decals and custom text. (Lego will be moderating the designs to prevent users from making inappropriate Minifigs, according to Jay’s Brick Blog.) There are some fun accessories you can pick from, too, like a laptop, a pretzel, and a pizza. Completed Minifigs will cost $11.99, though you can only buy one per household.

Screenshot by Emma Roth / The Verge

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