Artist Transform Slices of Wood With Magical Forest Paintings

Artist Transform Slices of Wood With Magical Forest Paintings

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Slices of wood become the canvases for magical paintings in the art of Anna Kucharska. The Poland-based artist adorns these discarded planks with depictions of animals and people inhabiting charming rural settings. In doing so, she merges the theme of the illustration with the material.

From foxes trotting through a snowy forest to a hedgehog watching a shooting star, these paintings are portals into dreamy, faraway places. Kucharska uses a vivid color palette of blues and greens and a simplistic folk style to create images reminiscent of a fairytale. All of the characters appear to be content in their surroundings, showcasing a love of nature.

Although she paints her illustrations on pieces of wood, Kucharska does not try to hide the variations of the material. Instead, she embraces its organic shapes and patterns by leaving a “frame” of unpainted wood around the finished piece. This allows her earthy paintings to interact with the beauty of the wood canvas, adding another dimension to these enchanting works of art.

You can purchase original art via Etsy, and keep up to date with Kucharska’s latest projects by following her on Instagram.

Artist Anna Kucharska makes magical paintings of animals in a forest.

She creates these illustrations on slices of found wood.

As a result, the content of the painting matches the natural material it is painted on.

Anna Kucharska: Etsy | Instagram | Facebook | Patreon

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Anna Kucharska.

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READ: Artist Transform Slices of Wood With Magical Forest Paintings

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