Don’t Worry Darling’s coming apart at the seams in its latest trailer

Florence Pugh as Alice Chambers in Don’t Worry Darling. | Warner Bros.

In Warner Bros.’ upcoming thriller Don’t Worry Darling from director Olivia Wilde, most everything about the fictional company town of Victory seems perfectly normal from a distance — as do the handful of picture-perfect nuclear families who call the place home. But there’s something sinister about Victory that at least one of its Stepford-esque housewives is becoming aware of in Don’t Worry Darling’s new trailer.

Like all of Victory’s homemakers, Alice Chambers (Florence Pugh) adores her husband Jack (Harry Styles) and delights in almost every aspect of “traditional” suburban domestic femininity like cooking, cleaning, and always having a full face of makeup. Though Alice and the other women don’t exactly know what the men of the town d…

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