Destiny Item Manager has a Stream Deck app now

Managing your Destiny 2 loot should’ve always been this easy. | Image: Alice Newcome-Beill

While everyone is talking about Destiny 2’s annual summer event, Solstice of Heroes, I’m busy with an evergreen event I like to call “managing my character’s inventory.” Anyone that plays Destiny 2 regularly has almost definitely used Destiny Item Manager (DIM), a community-created tool that keeps track of your items in a browser or on your phone at one point or another.

In fact, this tool has become so widely used that opening your vault in Destiny has a disclaimer that you should use DIM instead of attempting to manage your piles of loot in-game. DIM syncs with your Destiny 2 account and allows you to easily swap items between characters, assign loadouts, remotely pull stuff from the postmaster, and other quality-of-life improvements…

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