Mysterious Woman Wins Almost Every Single Award at District Fair

Mysterious Woman Wins Almost Every Single Award at District Fair

A mysterious figure has emerged from this year’s Virginia-Kentucky District Fair. A woman by the name of Linda Skeens won not only one or two of the competitions, she swept through numerous categories in cooking, baking, and even embroidery. As a result of her dominant results, people on the internet have become fascinated with her anonymous identity, spurring some to call it a “Skeens Sweep.”

This intrigue began when the fair released the winners on its Facebook page. Linda Skeens’ name is in all of the subcategories of the Baked Goods segment, including cakes, pies, cookies, and candy. In fact, not only did she win these sections, but she also placed second and third with other entries.

However, that was not the only area where Skeens shined. She also brought home awards in most of the Best Overall Winners, such as Best Canned Vegetable, which in her case was corn, and Best Overall Jelly, for which she submitted grape. Even more astoundingly, Skeens was the winner, runner-up, and third-place contestant of Embroidery Pieces, proving that her talents are not limited to the kitchen.

Seeing Linda Skeens’s name printed in nearly every category did not escape the attention of people online. “Linda Skeens ain’t here to make friends… just here to make HISTORY,” one fan said. Many began searching for her social media, but all they were able to find was the account of another person named Linda Skeens. Later, a Facebook post by Wise Chandlers said, “We cannot give out information unless she grants permission. Privacy is important to her and us, and we respect that.”

Chandlers also added, “We are so appreciative of everyone’s interest and support and here is what I hope this instills: find the Linda Skeens in your life… The elderly lady that lives up the holler, the best cook in your church, the home cook who makes a signature meal…” While the real identity of Linda Skeens remains unknown, her reputation has already garnered excitement for next year’s fair and what she will make next.

A woman known as Linda Skeens won almost every award at the Virginia-Kentucky District Fair.

I need you to know that someone named Linda Skeens swept almost every category at the Virginia Kentucky District Fair and people on Facebook are losing it

— Annie? Rauwerda? (@anniierau) June 24, 2022

She won categories in cooking, baking, as well as embroidery.

However, so far no one knows the real identity of Linda Skeens, so she is shrouded in mystery.

Virginia-Kentucky District Fair: Website | Facebook 
h/t: [Today]

All images via Virginia-Kentucky District Fair.

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READ: Mysterious Woman Wins Almost Every Single Award at District Fair

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