Iconic Atari 2600 console gets the Lego treatment for company’s 50th anniversary

The Atari 2600 Lego model. | Image: Lego

The Atari 2600 is getting the Lego treatment. The Danish toy company’s latest model is based on the 1980 revision of the iconic console rather than its 1977 debut and consists of a meaty 2,532 pieces (which seems like a missed opportunity to offer 2,600 pieces, but I digress). It’ll be available on August 1st for $239.99 and coincides with the Atari’s 50th anniversary.

The launch of the set comes a little over two years after Lego made a similarly loving recreation of Nintendo’s classic NES console. But while the Lego Nintendo console included both a buildable console itself as well as an accompanying CRT TV, the Atari model is more self-contained; there’s the console itself as well as a controller with a movable joystick….

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