The UK’s blistering heatwave is just the beginning

18 July 2022, Great Britain, London: The sun rises over skyscrapers. | Photo by Sebastian Gollnow / picture alliance via Getty Images

For the first time on record, parts of the UK are sweltering in temperatures that could soon reach 40 degrees Celsius (that’s over 104 degrees Fahrenheit for American readers). It’s the first time those temperatures have ever been forecast in the UK, according to the Met Office, which also issued its first-ever “Red Extreme” heat warning for parts of England. The warning kicked in today and lasts through tomorrow.

The level of risk the UK now faces from extreme heat is unprecedented. But this isn’t a one-off event. The nation is going to have to brace for dangerous heat much more often, forecasters warn.

“We hoped we wouldn’t get to this situation”

“We hoped we wouldn’t get to this situation,” Met Office climate attribution scientist…

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