Linux distro for Apple silicon Macs is already up and running on the brand-new M2

Enlarge / Asahi Linux is now up and running on the Mac Studio and the first M2 Macs. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

Unlike Intel Macs, Apple silicon Macs were designed to run only Apple’s software. But the developers on the Asahi Linux team have been working to change that, painstakingly reverse-engineering support for Apple’s processors and other Mac hardware and releasing it as a work-in-progress distro that can actually boot up and run on bare metal, no virtualization required.

The Asahi Linux team put out a new release today with plenty of additions and improvements. Most notably, the distro now supports the M1 Ultra and the Mac Studio and has added preliminary support for the M2 MacBook Pro (which has been tested firsthand by the team) and the M2 MacBook Air (which¬†hasn’t been tested but ought to work).

Preliminary Bluetooth support for all Apple silicon Macs has also been added, though the team notes that it works poorly when connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network because “Wi-Fi/Bluetooth coexistence isn’t properly configured yet.”

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