You’re not hearing things — yes, the Twitter app chirps now

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

A few of us at The Verge have noticed something new about Twitter’s iOS app: when you pull down to refresh your feed, you might hear a couple of new noises. One is a little windup trill that plays when you first pull the feed, and after your feed is done refreshing, you might hear a short confirmation chirp. (Though the sounds are more robotic than any real-life bird I’ve heard.)

I made a recording so you can hear what I’m hearing. It’s a little different from the short “pop” you might have heard when refreshing before.

Anybody else hearing this when you pull to refresh on Twitter’s iOS app?

— Jay Peters (@jaypeters) July 15, 2022

We’re not exactly sure when the change kicked in, but we first noticed it…

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