Watch this impressive AR demo ‘reset’ a room using latest Apple tech

Gone with a simple swipe. | Image: Russ Maschmeyer

What if you could use the augmented reality features of a LiDAR-equipped iPhone to see how a room might look with all its furniture removed? That’s the idea behind a new AR prototype shown off by Shopify’s Russ Maschmeyer on Twitter. The demo, which he refers to as a “reset button” for a room, puts Ikea’s virtual design tool to shame. But it’s just an internal experiment for now that offers an interesting peek at the kinds of experiences that could be possible with Apple’s latest AR APIs.

In a video, Maschmeyer shows how the prototype is able to seamlessly erase a room’s contents, allowing the iPhone to be used to peer around the empty space in AR. In subsequent tweets, Maschmeyer explains how the technology might one day be useful for…

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