Wordle is being turned into a multiplayer board game

Play Wordle with your friends in this new board game. | Image: The New York Times and Hasbro

The hit online puzzle Wordle is being turned into a multiplayer board game. The New York Times, which purchased Wordle earlier this year, is partnering with Hasbro to bring Wordle from the digital world to the physical one as Wordle: The Party Game later this year.

Wordle rose to prominence in large part because, at least for a little while, it seemed like literally everyone was sharing their results on Twitter. But actually solving a Wordle puzzle is generally a solitary endeavor. In Wordle: The Party Game, though, Wordle becomes a group activity.

One player thinks of a five-letter word that other players have to try and guess first. Once people have made their guesses, the word-thinker will slide translucent yellow and green tiles over…

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