The Oura Ring goes a little more mainstream with Strava integration

The Oura Ring is expanding third-party integrations to include Strava. | Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge

Consolidating all your fitness data into one place can be a royal pain, and for many athletes, Strava is the obvious choice as it integrates with nearly every fitness platform. Today, Oura announced it’s joining the club by introducing Strava integration for the Oura Ring.

The integration goes both ways. Oura Ring users will be able to import Strava activities into the Oura app, ensuring that data will be incorporated into their Readiness and Activity Scores. Those scores are meant to tell Oura users how well they’ve recovered from strenuous activity and gauge whether they’re meeting their exercise goals. Meanwhile, users can also decide to share certain Oura activities directly to their public or private Strava feeds, as well as their…

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