Stray is getting a line of cute accessories for your IRL cat

Image: Annapurna Interactive

I am an avowed cat-disliker, a certified hater, and yet I want the Stray cat backpack. In the mother of all video game branded merchandise crossovers, Annapurrrrna (sorry, I had to) Interactive has announced it is launching a limited-edition cat backpack and harness and leash set in collaboration with Travel Cat — a company that makes all sorts of feline transportation devices that your cat probably thinks are torture devices.

Image: Travel Cat
Look at that cat. They’re either high or terrified.

The cat-pack holds “up to 25 lbs of cat,” which is a delightful-sounding metric, and has a little bubble window so your cat can peer out into the wide world. If your feline friend prefers to do their exploring up close…

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