Don’t rely on iMessage’s new unsend feature yet

iMessage’s undo send only works in the public beta so far. | Screenshot by Nathan Edwards / The Verge

The upcoming version of iMessage will let you unsend and edit messages for up to 15 minutes. Sounds great, very convenient — Signal and WhatsApp and Viber have had similar features for years. You can try it out right now in the public betas for iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura. Just one small caveat.

If the recipient of your attempted rug-sweeping isn’t running the public betas on every device they use for iMessage, you’re the only one who will see history as you wish you’d written it.

Screenshots by Mitchell Clark / The Verge
In which I feign interest in my colleague’s NFT. On the left is what they saw on an iPhone running the iOS 16 public beta; on the right is how it looked on an iPod Touch running 15.5.

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