New emoji for iOS and Android include a high five and shaking face

Image: Emojipedia

It’s World Emoji Day on Sunday, so that means we’re getting a preview of the emoji that will eventually come to iOS and Android. While designs will vary per platform, Emojipedia has a draft list and sample images for Emoji 15.0. The Unicode Consortium only has 31 draft emoji this year that will likely be rolled out in 2022 and 2023. While the draft emoji can change between now and finalization in September, most (if not all) will make it through. Contenders include a shaking face and much-needed high five and wireless emojis.

The shaking face emoji will be primarily used for shock reactions, or it could become the official earthquake emoji thanks to its vibration-like attributes. While people often use the Folded Hands emoji as a high…

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