Motorola Razr teaser confirms chin-less design and dual camera array for 2022

Image: Motorola

Motorola teased its upcoming Razr in a new trailer that shows off the device’s chin-less redesign (via GSMArena). The trailer, which Motorola posted to its Weibo account, gives us brief glimpses of the third-generation device’s smoothed edges, dual camera, new hinge, and what looks like a larger exterior display that matches up with a leaked version of the device we saw in May.

You can’t really make out much from the trailer, though, aside from the Motorola logo stamped on one of its edges and on the back of the device. Chen Jin, the general manager of the Lenovo Business Group in China, offered a separate look at the device at an in-person event (and with much better lighting). He posted the photos to Weibo and demonstrated what the…

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