Hasbro will put your face on a Power Ranger (or Black Panther or Spider-Man) for $60

Ever wanted to have an action figure of yourself? It’s been possible for the lucky few: movie stars; the occasional contest winner; and those who might be satisfied with a knockoff novelty gift rather than the real deal. But today, Hasbro is announcing that practically anyone will be able to stick their face onto a fully posable, licensed, and highly detailed Power Ranger, Ghostbuster, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, or Marvel figure this fall — thanks to a partnership with Formlabs to scan and 3D print your head before applying it to an iconic action figure body.

GIF by Sean Hollister / The Verge
The faces look fantastic.

(Well, anyone in the United States, that is — it’s limited to the US, with no current plans to…

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