Bayonetta 3 brings the witch to the Switch in October

Image: Nintendo

Let’s go, witches! Nintendo, in its inexplicable but welcome habit of revealing big news with no warning at all, has announced that Bayonetta 3 finally has a launch date. On October 28th, our beautiful badass bitch with hella bundles will be back — and just in time for Halloween.

This time, instead of beating on the angels of hell or the demons of heaven, Bayonetta will face a new threat that seems to come from the mortal world. She’s rejoined by her smoky-voiced ally Rodin, the smarmy but adorable Luka, and a new ally named Viola that kinda looks like a female Dante from Devil May Cry, big-ass sword and all. It seems like, in Bayonetta 3, you’ll play as more than just our favorite signature witch, as portions of the trailer show you…

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