Amazon leaks Genesis Mini 2—Sega immediately confirms its October 27 launch

Enlarge / Like the previously announced Japanese “Mega Drive Mini 2,” this “Genesis Mini 2” will be modeled after the system’s “Model 2” variant—and has the same box design as the old “Core System” look of the mid-’90s. (credit: Amazon / Sega)

Though you may have your eyes stuck on Amazon this week due to Prime Day promotions, the site wound up making news for a select segment of retro gamers on Wednesday by leaking a new Sega product: the Genesis Mini 2. Roughly one hour later, Sega made it official by rolling out a dedicated Sega Genesis Mini 2 website.

If this mini-console concept looks familiar, that’s because Sega of Japan already announced its own version of this product, the Mega Drive Mini 2, earlier this year, slated to launch overseas in October. Today’s newly announced “Genesis”-themed version has a firmer release date of October 27, and it, too, will include “over 50” classic games from the Sega Genesis, Sega CD, and arcade. As Sega reps have previously explained, both the Mega Drive Mini 2 and Genesis Mini 2 are powered by an entirely new system-on-ship (SoC) compared to 2019’s original Genesis Mini, which means it will include larger flash storage and improved processing needed to properly emulate the Sega CD console.

Speaking of upgraded hardware: The box art confirms that Sega is including a six-button Genesis controller this time, though only one, not a pair. Sega has confirmed that any three- and six-button pads made for the original Genesis Mini will work on this hardware.

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