The New York Times is fixing one of Wordle’s most annoying problems

Photo by Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images

The New York Times will soon let you link your Wordle stats to a NYT account, a change that should fix one of the most annoying aspects about the online puzzle game.

Right now, your Wordle stats don’t sync across browsers or devices, meaning that if you want to keep your streak going, you have to play the game on the same browser and the same device. With this upcoming change, though, your stats and streak will sync “across *all* the devices you play Wordle on,” the NYT said in a tweet from its Games account.

You’ll be able to link your Wordle stats to a free or existing NYT account, and the option will be available “soon.” (The option wasn’t live for me yet when I checked Tuesday’s puzzle in Chrome on my laptop and in Safari on my…

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