Microsoft will sell you a $60 T-shirt with the Windows XP background

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is launching a new “Hardwear” clothing collection that includes a Windows XP T-shirt. If you’ve always wanted to wander the streets with the Windows XP bliss wallpaper strapped to your back, now is your time. The famous blue sky and green hill are emblazoned on a mustard or black tee, available for $60.

The nine-piece collection of T-shirts, hats, sweats, jackets, and pants is part of a collaboration between Supervsn founder Gavin Mathieu and Microsoft. It’s Microsoft’s first capsule collection of clothing and merchandise, and the software maker clearly wanted to create a trendy nerd vibe with its collaboration.

Image: Microsoft
Microsoft’s “Hardwear” clothing collection.

“The collection is reflective…

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