Hive’s abandoned smart home devices will cease operation starting in 2023

The Hive View is among the cameras being discontinued. | Photo: Yves Béhar via DesignBoom

Hive, the smart home company best known for its smart thermostats, is officially getting out of the home security market globally. In a support page posted on its website, the company says it’s no longer selling its Hive View security cameras, HomeShield security system, and Hive Leak water detection device. And soon, existing devices will cease to function.

After September 1st 2023 Hive Leak will stop functioning, and by August 1st 2025 all its cameras and security system will have joined it. The sound detection feature of its Hub 360 will disappear at the end of 2022. Hive’s customers have begun receiving emails warning them of the shutdown.

“We’ve made the tough decision to discontinue our smart security and leak detection products”


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