AMD Chromebooks can dual-boot Windows 11, too

Enlarge / Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook. (credit: Lenovo)

A developer has shared a way to dual-boot Windows 10/11 and Chrome OS on an AMD Ryzen-powered Chromebook.

Note that there are simpler ways to get a Windows-like experience on a Chromebook, including virtualization apps such as Parallels Desktop. And you shouldn’t get your hopes too high about Microsoft’s OS and apps running smoothly on a Chromebook, especially if you’re using one of the many lower-specced machines, since this method is not officially supported. You should take caution and be aware of the Chromebook manufacturer’s warranty before deciding if you want to use the developer’s guide.

As shared via Reddit and spotted by XDA Developers on Monday, the developer known as Coolstarog reportedly got Windows and Chrome OS to dual-boot on Chromebooks using AMD 3 3250C, Ryzen 5 3500C, and Ryzen 7 3700C processors and the AMD Athlon 3015ce APU. The HP Chromebook 14bHP Chromebook Pro c645 Enterprise, and Lenovo Yoga C13 Chromebook were reportedly tested successfully.

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