Upnext is a nice read-later app — and the very beginning of something bigger

Upnext is a dumping ground for all your content, no matter what it is. | Image: Upnext

Upnext is a read-later app. No, it’s a bookmarking app. No, it’s a content-curation-social-network thing. Even Jeroen Seghers, one of the service’s co-founders, struggles to explain it. “Longer term,” he says, “I like to think about what we’re building as a knowledge browser.” But even he admits that doesn’t mean much to anyone right now. Eventually, Upnext settled on “A reader with superpowers,” which is close enough.

Whatever you call it, here’s what Upnext is: it’s a place to save and interact with content from all over the internet. It handles articles and blog posts like Pocket or Instapaper but also serves as a dumping ground for all those YouTube videos you want to watch later, the podcast episodes you’ll eventually listen to, the…

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