Right to repair: FTC forces Weber to tell grillmasters it’s OK to use third-party parts

Image: Weber

My Weber grill came with a warning: “The use and/or installation of parts on your WEBER product that are not genuine WEBER parts will void this Warranty.”

That’s not cool. In fact, it’s been illegal since 1975 — and soon, Weber won’t be doing it anymore. According to a new settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, Weber Stephen Products will not only have to strike phrases like that from its warranty terms within 90 days, but it’ll have to proactively, clearly, and conspicuously tell customers via mail, email, websites, and apps that the exact opposite is true.

Seriously, Weber will need to use this exact phrase: “Using third-party parts will not void this warranty.”

According to the order (pdf), Weber will also need to post a…

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