Unconventional Forest Observation Deck Concept Is Shaped Like a Moose Head

Unconventional Forest Observation Deck Concept Is Shaped Like a Moose Head

Inspired by the natural world, architectural visualizer Thilina Liyanage uses his imagination and skill to propose stunning building concepts. His forest observation deck, which takes the form of a moose head, is just one of many clever projects that combine nature and architecture.

In his design, the moose’s antlers have been transformed into spacious terraces that give visitors unobstructed views of the environment. These decks are connected via a staircase down into the head of the moose, which provides shelter and shade. Small oval skylights pierce through the “head,” allowing light to filter in below, while the animal’s long muzzle provides a walkway down to the water’s edge.

It’s a stunning creation and one that conjures up images of cozy summer nights by a lake. If he were to bring his forest observation deck to life, he envisions it being constructed in steel, with wood cladding to blend into the environment.

In order to encourage others to take inspiration from the natural world, Liyanage always publishes videos of his creative process. Using Sketchup 2018 and V-Ray 5, he was able to take his sketch and bring it to life in just two days. Across the thirty-minute video, it’s incredible to see how the Sri Lankan visualizer is able to create his vision in rich detail. Now, all we need to do is keep our fingers crossed that someone decides to bring this concept to life.

This clever observation deck concept was inspired by the anatomy of a moose.

The stunning design was created by architectural visualizer Thilina Liyanage.

The natural forms and wood cladding help integrate the architecture into the environment.

By sharing his sketches and videos of how he makes the renderings, Liyanage hopes to inspire others.

He is often inspired by animals, incorporating their anatomy into different projects.

Thilina Liyanage: Behance | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Thilina Liyanage.

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READ: Unconventional Forest Observation Deck Concept Is Shaped Like a Moose Head

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