Hands-on: Spigen ArcStation Pro GaN Wall Chargers [Video]

No one likes waiting for devices to charge or overly large charging bricks. With the new Spigen ArcStation™ Pro GaN wall charger line-up, it’s easier to pack the power you need without lugging around a huge power brick. With hardware that runs cooler at a higher wattage in a much smaller package, the GaN wall chargers are great for packing along in a tech bag. 

In the ArcStation™ Pro GaN line-up, there are three different chargers to choose from. The name denotes the main features with the first two numbers being the total output and the third number signifying how many ports the charger has. 

With that in mind, Spigen , 45W, and . While the 65W charger is larger than the 35W, it is still incredibly small for the power it can produce. The 35W measures just 1.5 x 1.59 x 1.36 inches while the bigger 65W is only 1.5 x 1.59 x 1.87 inches.


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