Clever Collages Transform Everyday Objects Into Fashion-Forward Spreads

Clever Collages Transform Everyday Objects Into Fashion-Forward Spreads

UK-based artist Martha Haversham finds the humorous potential in the most unlikely items. Her clever arrangements combine foliage, fruits and veggies, and common household objects with magazine cutouts of legs. The results are clever compositions you’re sure to get a kick out of.

In these quirky collages, Haversham finds materials that resemble the silhouettes of everyday garments like dresses and pants, and then she places a pair of legs underneath. Even items that normally wouldn’t be compared to clothing take on a fashionable appearance when she positions feet below the hem.

A crumpled brown leaf, for example, resembles a striking strapless gown. Likewise, a stalk of celery looks like slim-fitting green pants with a dramatic flare opening. Haversham even plays with motion and perspective in her arrangements by depicting chic figures walking, sitting, and leaping. Each composition doubles as a runway as the art is an unexpected fashion show.

Scroll down to see more object arrangements by Haversham, and follow the artist on Instagram to keep up to date with her latest projects.

UK-based artist Martha Haversham creates amusing mixed-media compositions.

She arranges different objects such as fruit and household items with magazine cut-outs of legs.

As a result, these unexpected objects become the garments for these magazine legs.

Martha Haversham: Website | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Martha Haversham.

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READ: Clever Collages Transform Everyday Objects Into Fashion-Forward Spreads

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