Bungie is charging $284 just to ship your $185 Nerf Gjallarhorn to Canada

Photo: Bungie

Did you save up a couple hundred bucks for the foam-firing Nerf version of Destiny’s legendary Gjallarhorn rocket launcher that went on preorder today? Hope you don’t live in Canada — because buyers are reporting they’re being asked for more than twice the price just to get it shipped to their door. The company says it’s working on a solution.

Hey @BungieStore – How does shipping the Nerf Gjallarhorn to Canada cost $100 more than the gun itself? pic.twitter.com/KJkIEcdvcu

— Boots (@Boots_Of_Chaos) July 7, 2022

@Bungie @A_dmg04
so as a canadian this costs me $600. seems a little extreme pic.twitter.com/TpjbyDIOaw

— GizmoOG (@GizmoTheOG13) July 7, 2022

When Destiny’s Canadian fans lined up for the $185 USD Nerf Gjallarhorn today,…

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