Nintendo made a colorful Switch OLED covered in Splatoon 3 ink

Image: Nintendo

Bubbling up from the painted-splattered floor comes a new Switch OLED model. Nintendo has announced that on August 26th, it will release a special edition Splatoon 3 SWOLED. Check out the video highlighting all the details below.

For those of you with misophonia (or you just hate all the wet paint sounds Splatoon games like to throw around) and can’t stand more than five seconds of the video, the Splatoon 3 SWOLED features a blue and yellow gradient controller along with a white graffitied dock. Accompanying the new Switch OLED will be a Splatoon 3-ified Nintendo Switch Pro controller and carrying case.

The SWOLED launched on October 8th of last year, and this seems to be the first special edition of the console. It stands to reason…

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