You Can Own a Scottish Island With Its Own Castle for $2 Million

You Can Own a Scottish Island With Its Own Castle for $2 Million

Photo: Savills

Are you in the market for an island? If so, a beautiful, remote Scottish isle just might be the ticket. Luxury real estate agency Savills is representing a very unique property. The Isle of Vaila is a 757-acre emerald chunk of land topped with a herd of heritage sheep and a 17th-century mansion built to resemble a castle. The longtime owners are selling for $2 million—though a hefty price, it is actually a bargain to own both an island and a mansion.

The Isle of Vaila is one of the roughly 100 islands in the Shetland Islands archipelago off the northern coast of Scotland. Only 16 of the stunning islands are inhabited with a total population of 22,920. Vaila was the home to Richard Rowland and his wife for 30 years. The solicitor told Insider, that now “it is time for others to follow their dream” on the isle. While this may seem like a super isolated place to live, Vaila is 10 minutes by boat from the main island of the archipelago.

The island has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. History abounds. The 17th-century manor house—designed to mimic a castle—that comes with the island has six bedrooms and modern amenities for maximum comfort. And if you like secrets, the castle has hidden doors and closeted gardens. It may not be close to many neighbors, but the mansion is perfect for entertaining. Weddings, sporting events, and family occasions will be perfect when framed by an island sunset.

Atop the coastline also sits a stone watchtower from the 18th century, and several sweet cottages cluster around gardens. Heathland and grazing fields stretch in green, undulating waves across the relatively flat island. There is also an entire flock of sheep for the new tenants to raise. Wild birds are regular visitors, and orcas play in the coastal waters.

And if you’re still wondering whether this is meant to be your next home: it definitely is if you ever wanted to own a whale skeleton. A 42-foot sperm whale washed ashore in 200, and its bleached remains are now known as “Bony Dick,” à la Moby Dick.

Interested parties should reach out to Savills to learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime Scottish property.

Savills is selling a Scottish island and castle for $2 million.

Photo: Savills

The beautiful Isle of Vaila is part of the Shetland archipelago.

Photo: Savills

The castle, watchtower, cottages, and flock of sheep could all be yours.

Photo: Savills

Photo: Savills

Photo: Savills

h/t: [Insider]

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READ: You Can Own a Scottish Island With Its Own Castle for $2 Million

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