Needle-Felted Animals are an Adorable Menagerie of Handheld Art

Needle-Felted Animals are an Adorable Menagerie of Handheld Art

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Capturing an animal’s likeness, especially the texture of its fur, can be difficult. That is why some crafters gravitate towards needle felting. This popular activity involves “stabbing” pieces of wool until they lock together and produce a firm, round shape. Nova Scotia-based artist Teri Gullon is an expert in this field, creating a menagerie of handheld creatures that will warm your heart.

From happy Shiba Inus to stackable capybaras, her needle felted animals range in both size and species. Each one, however, is carefully crafted to resemble their real-life inspiration. The wool materials give Gullon the ability to mimic the true texture of these creatures’ fuzzy fur.

Almost all of Gullon’s art is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This miniature size makes the pieces all the more precious and collectible. It is easy to imagine a group of these sculptures displayed on a shelf, like a beautiful exhibit.

You can purchase available needle felted animals via Gullon’s Etsy store, and keep up to date with her latest projects by following her on Instagram.

Nova Scotia-based artist Teri Gullon creates exquisite needle felted animals from wool.

Each piece is made by stabbing wool with specialized barbed needles that pull the fibers together.

These adorable sculptures are small enough to fit in your hand.

Teri Gullon (FineFeltedFigures): Instagram | Etsy | YouTube

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Teri Gullon / FineFeltedFigures.

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READ: Needle-Felted Animals are an Adorable Menagerie of Handheld Art





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