EPA opens applications for its $5 billion clean school bus program

Enlarge / The Thomas C2 Jouley is a popular electric school bus. (credit: Thomas Built Buses)

Although much of President Joe Biden’s plans to fight climate change have died thanks to obstruction from the Senate, he did manage to squeeze in a few sops to our ever-warming planet. Among those is a $5 billion program to replace dirty diesel school buses with more environmentally friendly options.

It’s called the Clean School Bus Program, and it’s administered by the Environmental Protection Agency, which began formally accepting applications this past Friday.

Specifically, the EPA is aiming to replace older (model year 2010 or older) diesel-powered school buses, which must be scrapped in order for a clean bus to be bought to replace them. Oh, and the old bus has to be fully functional—this isn’t intended as a way to make the government pay for broken junk to be replaced with shiny new buses.

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