These 3D-Rendered Interiors Are So Inviting That You’ll Think They’re Real

These 3D-Rendered Interiors Are So Inviting That You’ll Think They’re Real

The incredible atmosphere in these photos is not the result of skilled photography. Despite the idyllic “god rays” of light filtering in from the windows and the patterns traced into the fluffy carpets, all of these images are the result of a 3D modeling and rendering process. Designer Sébastien Baert uses architecture visualization to imagine the dreamy interiors of make-believe projects.

“I seek to transmit emotions, tell stories, and make people travel through my images,” says Baert. His work achieves a serene feeling of perfect interiors that make us pause and imagine ourselves there. To cultivate his visual language, Baert studied product design at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art. He later earned a degree in space design from STRATE, and he believes that his educational background led him to this style of making; Baert sometimes works with skilled craftsmen but more often works on the digital side through minimalist and surreal 3D images.

The designer appreciates the flexibility of working in 3D without the limitations of fabrication, gravity, and other considerations. Through this medium, he is able to “develop poetic physical or virtual spaces that go beyond stereotypes, and those invite viewers to escape and to contemplate.” Baert does this by making simple color palettes in rooms featuring new textures, colors, and shapes.

Some of the scenes depict more traditional interiors, like living areas with elegant glass coffee tables and cozy leather couches. They provide us with ideas for our own living spaces. Other images make us think a bit more, like in his works with massive rocks acting as centerpieces in a room or a single lounge chair overlooking a dramatic waterfall. These may not be everyday scenes, but they certainly ignite our imagination.

Keep scrolling for more images of the minimalist and surreal interiors by Sébastien Baert. You might even find some inspiration that will make your space just a bit dreamier.

Designer Sébastien Baert 3D models and renders dreamy interior scenes that look so real you’ll think they’re photographs.

Sébastien Baert: Website | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Sébastien Baert.

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READ: These 3D-Rendered Interiors Are So Inviting That You’ll Think They’re Real