Older Honda and Acura models hit by Y2K22 bug that resets clocks 20 years in the past

Owners of older Honda and Acura models started up their cars on New Year’s Day, only to find that their vehicles turned into time machines, according to a report from Jalopnik. Instead of seamlessly transitioning to the year 2022, cars’ clocks jumped 20 years back in time, and Honda says a fix could be months away.

My @Honda 2007 CR-V clock now useless in 2022; resets to 2:00 MST on 1/1/2002 after every startup. 32-bit signed integer overflow of yymmddHHMM? Would unsigned int fix it? This is time-critical. 😉 Thousands of us need a software update!

— Sumner Hushing (@_______shushing) January 4, 2022

As spotted by Jalopnik, reports of digital clock issues have been popping up in Honda and Acura forums all…

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