Tile’s 2022 lineup has longer battery life, longer range, and a UWB model

Enlarge / OK from left to right, we’ve got: The Tile Pro, another Tile Pro, the credit card-style Tile Slim, Two Tile Mates, and the tiny Tile Sticker. (credit: Tile)

It seems like everybody has been invading Tile’s turf recently, from Apple with its AirTags to Samsung and its SmartTags. Tile isn’t going to take it lying down, though, and has introduced a refreshed lineup of Bluetooth tracker products that help you find your stuff. Tile’s advantage over its Big Tech rivals is that it has the only platform-agnostic product line. So if you’re not exclusively in Apple’s or Samsung’s ecosystem and are always losing your car keys, Tile is worth looking at.

The $34.99 Tile Pro, Tile’s one product with a user-replaceable battery, has a new, longer design that Tile says is modeled after a key fob. With more space, you get a better speaker and a 400 ft Bluetooth range. It still takes a CR2032 battery (aka a BIOS battery) that Tile says should run for a year.

The other Tile products have permanent batteries that Tile says should last for three years, and after that, you’ll need to replace them. There’s the $24.99 Tile Mate (Tile’s cheaper key-chain tracker), the $34.99 Tile Slim (a tracker shaped like a credit card for your wallet), and the $29.99 Tile Sticker (a small plastic circle with sticky tape) for items where a loop connector isn’t viable. The range of these three items has been upgraded to 250 feet, which tile says is “an increase of 25% for Mate and Slim, and a 67% increase for Sticker.” Every new tracker, including the Pro, has IP67 dust and water resistance, so they should survive being submerged in a meter of water for 30 minutes.

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