Hurricane Ida strengthens into a life-threatening storm overnight

A satellite image of Hurricane Ida over the Gulf of Mexico. | GOES-East NOAA

Hurricane Ida is about to pummel Louisiana as an “extremely dangerous” storm after strengthening rapidly over the weekend. The hurricane is swirling towards the coast with winds of 150 miles per hour, accompanied by a life-threatening surge of water, forecasters with the National Hurricane Center warned on Sunday.

“This will be one of the strongest hurricanes to hit anywhere in Louisiana since at least the 1850s,” Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said at a press conference on Saturday.

Ida already had wind speeds of 103 miles per hour on Saturday night. Just six hours later, the storm had strengthened into a major hurricane with wind speeds increasing to 130 miles per hour.

.@NOAA‘s #GOESEast ️ is tracking the extremely dangerous…

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