Are you ready to eat your delicious nutrient square? Yum, yum, yum

It’s normal food, blitzed into a pulp, and compressed into 50 gram squares. | Image: SquarEat

Slap bang in the middle of a Venn diagram with two circles labelled “sincere tech startups” and “dystopian satires that are a little on the nose” you will find SquarEat: a company that you would swear is a joke if you weren’t already familiar with how the simulation we’re all living in likes to collide fact and fiction.

SquarEat was apparently born of a simple idea: what if you could eat squares? But boy oh boy does it deliver on that premise.

SquarEat says it’s “created a new concept of food” (squares)

The company claims to have “created a new concept of food” (squares) which it makes by blitzing ingredients and compressing them into “ready-to-eat” 50 gram packages (squares). You can buy your squares in packs of four or six and have…

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