Documentary about Amiga classic Lemmings due for game’s 30th anniversary

The Amiga classic Lemmings turns 30 this year. To celebrate, current license holder Exient (who acquired the property from Sony) is producing a documentary titled Lemmings 30th: Can You Dig It?, which follows the series from its European PC origins to its current mobile iterations.

Even though it has been ported to a seemingly infinite number of consoles in the US, Lemmings is deeply British. It’s a game about guiding blue-robed, green-haired critters to an exit before they accidentally kill themselves on the way.

The game’s dry humor and puzzle design eschewed the typical ’90s American-style action/arcade platforming for something less reflex-intensive, helping Lemmings become a hometown favorite over time. “If you visit Dundee, where Lemmings was originally created for the Amiga by DMA Design, there’s even a park with three little monuments to the Lemmings characters,” Exient Creative Marketing Manager Jamie Wotton told Ars. “Quite clearly—and hopefully the documentary will show this—the franchise has a special place in British culture.”

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