As office returns get postponed, workers say they’d take pay cut to work from home

Enlarge / Apple’s global headquarters in Cupertino, California. (credit: Sam Hall/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

As Apple and other big tech companies postpone their planned returns to physical offices, a survey has found that workers around the United States would give up a lot to stay remote.

As previously reported by ZDNet, GoodHire published a survey this week of 3,500 workers in the US and found that just over two-thirds of them would prefer to work remotely rather than in an office.

Further, 70 percent of those people said they would give up most or all of their benefits, like health insurance and holidays, to be able to work remotely. Sixty-one percent say they would take a pay cut to make it happen. Most said they’d take a 10 percent pay reduction, but some claimed they’d even accept half their current salary in exchange for remote work.

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