LG’s OLED TV from my dreams reportedly delayed to 2022

At CES 2021, LG Display announced that it intended to produce a 42-inch OLED TV panel sometime in 2021. You weren’t alone if, like me, you got really excited, and also expected one of these more compact OLED panels to have already launched. That’s not happening this year, according to sources speaking to The Korea Economic Daily, who say that the launch of LG’s planned 42-inch OLED TV has been pushed to 2022 instead, alongside the new 2022 TV lineup and debut at CES 2022.

The delay doesn’t seem to have been caused by issues with production, according to The Korea Economic Daily. While its sources expected LG to launch the 42-inch in the second half of 2021 following mass production of the panels, they say the company switched the launch…

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