Google Pay team reportedly in major upheaval after botched app revamp

Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson / Ars Technica)

Google Pay is apparently just as much a disaster internally as the app transition has been externally. That’s the big takeaway from a recent Business Insider article detailing an exodus of executives from Google’s payment division, lower-than-expected app adoption, and employees frustrated with the slow movement of the division.

Business Insider spoke with ex-employees and learned that “dozens of employees and executives have left” the Google Payments team in recent months, including “at least seven leaders on the team with roles of director or vice president.” The most prominent departure, of payments chief Caesar Sengupta, kicked off the exodus in April, and now employees are worried about another reorganization and even slower progress. Many rank-and-file team members have reportedly departed, too, with the story saying, “One former employee estimated that half the people working on the business-development team for Google Pay—a group of about 40 people—have left the company in recent months.”

In 2018, Sengupta took over the payments division, which oversees the Google Pay app and the wider Google payments infrastructure, and the report says that “much of Sengupta’s attention was on bringing the US Google Pay app more in line with the version Google built for India.”

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